OS6900 Advanced routing software license

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OS6900 Advanced routing software license

Post by Raj24 » 22 Feb 2017 23:14

Greetings members,

Im currently developing a project for Kuala Lumpur Alcatel Lucent office using OS6900-X20 switch. We are now shipping the hardware of OS6900 from belgium to use it in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur including the Advanced routing software license. My question will be " can i able to use the license here in malaysia? as i know every part ID has the diff type of country name at the back. Kindly assist me if i can reuse them here in malaysia. TQ

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Re: OS6900 Advanced routing software license

Post by silvio » 23 Feb 2017 01:48

Yes, you can use it. You have to activate the license in web.
But since the newest release of 6900 (8.3.1.R02) you didn't need the license anymore. You can create them direct at the switch. In RN you will find the way for it.

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