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Recording indication on phone screen 8/9 series phones

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Recording indication on phone screen 8/9 series phones

Post by tot3nkopf » 02 Oct 2013 07:44

This is something that OXE is missing at the moment and other vendors like Siemens offer this.

*User is recorded
*User needs to be notified that the call is recorded

Needed feature functional description:
- For recorded set:
*Indication on idle screen that the phone set is recorded (flashing indication will be a nice to have)
*Indication on screen when off-hooked that the set is recorded
*Indication on incoming/outgoing call ringing phase that the call is recorded
*Indication on incoming/outgoing call conversation phase that the call is recorded

- For remote set (within ABCF network)
*Indication on screen in ringing phase that the call will be recorded
*Indication on screen during conversation that the call is recorded

Activation of the above behavior:
- user settings flag (recorded set for example)

I was able to somehow come close to this only for the indication on the recorded set (not for remote parties). How? Using string translation and user language allocation.
Basically a user not recorded will be set up English language. A set recorded will have English US as language. The differences between GEA_STU and US0_STU will be the strings related to texts shown on set during above mentioned phases (off hook, ARS prefix dial, ringing, conversation) Example: "Please dial" can be replaced by "Please dial. Recorded call!"

- each time you make an upgrade of OXE software you will need to modify *_STU files (I think thse are different from sw release to software release so moving the file might not do)
- internal remote party phone is not notified

Note: String translation is intended for a different purpose: to notify R&D of translation issues that they can include it in future sw. releases

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