Multicast IN from Cisco Switches

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Multicast IN from Cisco Switches

Post by mperezATX » 26 Jul 2018 13:26


I have case where multicast traffic is being generated at a remote site, going into some Cisco switches then being sent to another site with 4 Alcatel OS6450 switches. I'm not concerned about the Cisco switches for this thread as I'm only concerned about the Alcatels. At the Alcatel site, all 4 have multicast functions enabled, switch 1 has Querying enabled and Querier Forwarding disabled and the rest of the switches have Querying disabled and Querier Forwarding enabled. The switches are not stacked and merely connected together via Ethernet All multicast traffic there is working just as intended and everything is perfect. Since the system at this site is very basic and the only traffic on these switches is multicast traffic, VLAN 1 is used with no other configured VLANs.

Multicast traffic at the Cisco side is on VLAN 603 and will be going into Alcatel 3. When the tech enabled this setup, he was seeing all the multicast traffic from the Alcatels at the Cisco side despite no joins being initiated. All joins are done from devices on Alcatel 1. This caused flooding the network Cisco side and even affected Alcatel Switch 3 to the point that it had to be power cycled because it was behaving very sluggish and pings would come and drop.

I am fairly positive there are some settings wrong on the Cisco (IGMP snooping is on) but I want to make sure that I give the Alcatels the best chance for success so I can definitely say that the issue is 100% not the fault of a configuration issue on the Alcatels.

Is there anything else I need to configure on the Alcatels to ensure this will work? Should I add VLAN 603 to the switch and move all multicast traffic to that VLAN? Any general suggestions for the Ciscos? (Regardless of outcome, I won't ask for further configuration assistance here for the Ciscos here :D )



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