VLAN Stacking question

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VLAN Stacking question

Post by genexr » 04 Sep 2018 02:57


I seem to have a problem setting up qinq to another provider network. The problem I have is that we are doing this on a remote site where we only used cvlans.

I did setup a OS6450 with metro license. Where one port acts as NNI to the other provider and one UNI to our dist-switch in this remote site. Other side of the UNI we have all our CVLANS tagged.

No problem to double tag using preserve, one unique cvlan for each svlan. The problem is that i also need our management vlan(ordinary vlan) to be in each svlan we are putting trough the NNI.

Is there a way to do this? Usually we have one UNI per customer but this environment is different and the other provider only accepting SVLAN.

Thanks in advance!

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