MST Topology Changes

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MST Topology Changes

Post by oldsk00l » 27 Sep 2019 05:17


we have an Cisco2960s, 3750x and OS6450 mixed L2 network here. All switches are running mstp with same mstp config.
we often see STP Topology Changes on "show log swlog":

STP info Topology changed on VLAN/STP id 0

We would like to know the interface where the TC was received to find the root cause. (Like "show spanning-tree detail" on cisco)

Is there any command to identify the Port?
Or should we enable any advanced debug to see it in swlog?


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Re: MST Topology Changes

Post by silvio » 28 Sep 2019 12:27

in the newest releases (since ca. 1 year) you can see the source of the last tc-port with the command "show spantree cist". Before it was only possible with debug commands.

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