help enable webview

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help enable webview

Post by cicciopas »

I have the new switch os6450-p24l.
I connected via putty to the console port and configured system time and system date, then I gave the instructions:
aaa authentication default local
after ip interface emp address mask,
then write memory.
When I go to the browser and type I don't access the configuration page.
if I type show ip interface it is status down while if I type show ip service the services are all enabled.
How can I do to access via the web.

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Re: help enable webview

Post by Neethu »

There is no EMP port on OS6450 switches. Can you try with front panel ports with a VLAN configured and then try to access the switch? Also, check the output "show http".

-> show http
Web Management = on
Web Management Force SSL = on
Web Management Http Port = 80
Web Management Https Port = 443

If web management is not enabled, enable it and try with the command "http ssl".
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