FAILURE TO RECOVERY OS6450 from procedure

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FAILURE TO RECOVERY OS6450 from procedure

Post by dpaiva »


In an attempt to update the 6450 switch I mistakenly copied the 6350 image files to the certified folder of the 6450 switch.
The boot was through the miniboot, after many attempts to recover the switch via USB (which I did not recognize), ZMODEM and XMODEM without success, I did the procedure (attached) that I found here on the forum for 6350, some commands did not work others yes .
But after doing some commands and restarting the switch I can't see the boot anymore through the teraterm or putty through the console ...

Some commands was that

setenv nandWriteFlag 7
6250 uboot>>nand scrub.chip
6250 uboot>> erase.chip (work)
6250 uboot>> start (not work)
6250 uboot>> usb 0 2000000 KF3bootselector.bin (not work)
6250 uboot>> erase 0 0x130000 (work)
6250 uboot>> write 2000000 0 0x130000 (work)
6250 uboot>> erase 0x200000 0x130000 (work)
6250 uboot>> write 2000000 0x200000 0x130000 (work)
6250 uboot>> usb 0 2000000 KF3diag.bin (not work)
6250 uboot>> erase 0x800000 0x1000000 (work)
6250 uboot>> write 2000000 0x800000 0x1000000 (work)
6250 uboot>>go 0xa10000 (work)
miniboot>"/uflash/","/boot/" (not work)
miniboot>cp "/uflash/6350/certified/*.img","/flash/certified" (not work)

after this comands and reboot i´stoped see

Please, how do I fix this? attached the file of this procedure that I did.

Thank you
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Re: FAILURE TO RECOVERY OS6450 from procedure

Post by silvio »

do the disaster recovery for with the OS6450-image files KF*.img.
USB stick with folder 6450 - within 6450 the directory certified - and within certified the image files.
Than power on the switch with this stick.
Do not use a big stick - better is to use an older with max. 4GB (and FAT or FAT32).
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