Dynamic ARP Inspection

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Dynamic ARP Inspection

Post by gjortega » 31 Oct 2016 12:32

Does anyone know how to enable or configure Dynamic ARP Inspection on a 6450? I have reviewed all the documentation with no results.

Thanks :D

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Re: Dynamic ARP Inspection

Post by silvio » 02 Nov 2016 03:22

in ALE security docu I have found the following hint:
DHCP Snooping with ip-source-filter is an equivalent of two Cisco features enabled at the same time: Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI) with IP Source Filter.
For differences see TKC article 000006888.
DHCP Snooping with ip-source-filter can be also used to avoid CAM overflow attacks.
And DHCP snooping you will find in the guide.

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