Clear port config

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Clear port config

Post by Giggskills » 03 Jan 2018 09:15

Hi Newbie here, appreciate if someone can shed some light on the following questions as I am not able to get the answers on Google.

1. How to clear a port config? In Cisco there is #default interface gix/x. What about Alcatel?

2. How to display only the portion you need in > show configuration snapshot? In Cisco there is #show run | include, section etc..

Many thanks for the help. Regards..

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Alcatel Unleashed Certified Guru
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Re: Clear port config

Post by silvio » 08 Jan 2018 02:08

include is similar to grep. But this is only possible with R8-Switches (linux based).
I prefer to use "show configuration snapshot xxx" With ? you can see the possibilities like "show configuration snapshot ip ip-routing vlan".
Not all things are clear there to find :( but it is very helpfull.

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