High memory/CPU utilisation?

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High memory/CPU utilisation?

Post by lschroeder » 22 Jun 2018 04:51

Hello fellow humans,

occasionally our office network experiences huge performance drops.
Searching for the cause, I discovered that our main-switch (2x OS6450-P48 stacked) has a relativly slow ping response.
Pings to the switchs IP take approx. 5-10ms, where as a ping from one connected client to another mostly just takes 1ms.

Looking at the switchs device health, I see the following CPU/memory utilisation:
2018-06-22 10_26_38-Webview-
Are these values in a normal range for this type of device with just basic switch functionities without fancy stuff configured?

Thanks a lot
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Re: High memory/CPU utilisation?

Post by devnull » 22 Jun 2018 07:27

This is normal.
Switch CPU is not a good ping target, Switch does hardware forwarding of traffic, this is not affected by cpu.
CPU can be more or less busy depending on
SNMP polling,
Routing Protocols
Management traffic (ssh/ping/.. ) to the switch
Everything that needs the Switch CPU is in competition with each other.

Also Switch CPU is not the most powerful piece of hardware (some <400Mhz ARM?) so it is normal to be slower.

Do you see the performance drop only in ping times? or is the network slow ?
Do you have lots of traffic right there?

must admit the "from time to time i see slow network" Problems are most difficult to handle.
As it is normally: "my network was slow yesterday morning."

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High memory/CPU utilisation

Post by SentoroBup » 23 Sep 2018 09:08

Yes, I know. Just for test made ASAP
But there is bug with counting milliseconds.. As I wrote it cause 100 of CPU utilization

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