How Can i protect my Switch from ARP

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How Can i protect my Switch from ARP

Post by ledas88 » 28 Sep 2018 11:16

Hello everyone, I have some questions about ARP and how can I protect my switch from it.

So, the scenario is like, I have two Alcatel OS6450 doing the stacking as core of my network, and eleven HP border switches.
In Alcatel was made few settings anything high, just set trunk ports, vlans, very easy.

The problem was detected a few weeks ago, but it's always been there. When we moved Alcatel into the nucleus, sometimes hosts, servers or even Internet connectivity have become inaccessible, our team was too afraid to keep Alcatel as central. So I decided to study the problem and here it is:

When a host, server or internet become inaccessible, go to Alcatel CLI and see the arp tables, to my surprise, it points to a wrong interface, such as a host on the interface 1/3 and when it becomes inaccessible, the interface is set to 1/49 or 1/43 (ports with the HP Switch attached).

After analyzing days, I used a sniffer on my network and discovered an arp problem. In HP Switches we have Cisco APs and they work like proxy arp, arp answering each request on the network but can not disable this feature because I do not know if my clients will have wifi connectivity and here is where I am now.

I read about the arp filter, but if anyone could explain or share another way to fix it I will be grateful.

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