OT Conversation for IPad/IPhone

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OT Conversation for IPad/IPhone

Post by aflores » 18 Oct 2014 16:35

Hello friends.

OPT System R1.3, with 3 IPads devices working properly until were upgraded to iOS8 and also upgrade the OT Conversation APP for IPad/IPhone.

Before the upgrade all the IPads were working fine, after the Upgrade in all devices it seems that the user is on log-on condition but it is not.

When I log-on with any user, the IPAD Screen keep in grey color and suddenly in the right corner appears a message "audio and video features are not available". After a few seconds may be a minute it gave me the option to do log-out.

This three user also have PC devices and all there users works fine on PC.

There have not been changes on the LAN or Opentouch configuration.

Any idea what could be happens?.

PD: I can not open a SR to ALU because I´m not Opentouch certified so any help will be apreciated.


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