Open Touch Mobility

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Open Touch Mobility

Post by Tenna » 10 Apr 2016 19:45

Hi guys. We have a OXE network with crystal hardware all across. We want to introduce Mobility in the network where, the Users with Smart Phone will be able to connect back to the Extensions in the Office when they are out of office especially traveling. So this would mean that if they have WiFi or 4G access anywhere the Open Touch Client will be able to register back to the office. This will help us save on the roaming charges.

Please if you can help me in here.

1. For the Mobility on Open Touch - Will we need the OTMS + OTSBC or we will need OTMS + OTSBC + Reverse Proxy + OT Edge Server. We just want to do the voice and video calls between the Users Outside office who are travelling and OT Users inside.

2. We also want to convert the 4635H Voicemail to a Open Touch Message Center. Should OTMC be a separate server apart from OTMS or it can be on the same.

3. Can Crystal Hardware work well with the OTMS , OTSBC, OTMS or we will need to convert all our crystal hardware to Common Hardware



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Re: Open Touch Mobility

Post by cavagnaro » 11 Apr 2016 16:42

Your cellphones are android or iPhone?
No need to change HW at all, what is important is the OXE version.
How many users for Voice Mail?
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Re: Open Touch Mobility

Post by rolfo333 » 14 Apr 2016 09:57


as far as I know you definitely need a Reverse Proxy (NGINX is for free).
There is no difference between Android and iOS phones anymore.

SBC would be needed of you would want to use the OTC app for Voice over 3G/LTE or hotspot wifi network as well.


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Re: Open Touch Mobility

Post by tot3nkopf » 14 Apr 2016 10:11

VoIP mode only works in OTC CV mode. OTC CT does not support VoIP (VoLTE, Vo3G) for mobile clients (only for PC clients).
You want also video..Probably OTCV is the way for you. I think the phones of these users need to be connected directly to the OT system. Hope you are not using recording as I do not think there is any recorder vendor to integrate with OT as I think the APIs were not released yet (or if they were released this is very recent).

Regarding the voice mail you have 2 options: integrated with OTMS or separate (OTMC). Integrated up to 5000 users.

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Re: Open Touch Mobility

Post by doublezero » 14 Apr 2016 16:44

Voip for connection users is not possible now, but relase date for this fetaure is end of 2016. you need reverse proxy and SBC, edge is not needed for your use case

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