OTCV with iPhone7

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OTCV with iPhone7

Postby PeterT » 10 Jan 2017, 03:38

I am using OTCV on iPhone 5S for quite a while without problem.
I would now like to use a new iPhone7 with most recent OTCV-app release.
I can connect to the OMNI-PCX with my iPhone 5S, but I can't with iPhone7.
I did already try:
* delete an (re-)add the user "MyIC Mobile"
* delete the iPhone-App and (re-)install it
I still can connect using the iPhone5S, but not with the iPhone7. It can't be a setup issue.
It must have to do with certificates. The iPhone7 never asked to confirm any certificate. How can I force this.
iPhone7-App always reports "Anmeldefehler"
Log entry:
2017-01-08 12:29:56.826 MyIC_Mobile[678:169033] [KEYCHAIN] error in matching while enumerate certificates

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