A question regarding OTC smartphone

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A question regarding OTC smartphone

Post by alhmami » 23 Oct 2017 02:14

I have question regarding the OTC on smartphone
If I am on VOIP Call and I receive a private call on the cellular network The existing voip call on OTC client, goes on hold automatically even before the Private call on cellular network is not answered.
Is this normal behavior for OTC? or we can change some setting to not put it immediately on hold.

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Re: A question regarding OTC smartphone

Post by tgn » 23 Oct 2017 14:05

don't know how is it on android, but in ios i think the app has no chance to precedence. so everytime a gsm call will go in front (as programmed in ios).
as a "workaround" l turn on manually the "night mode" with control center when i'm in company wlan.

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