Unable to create OT user in OTMS

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Unable to create OT user in OTMS

Postby mathankumarct » 08 Jan 2017, 03:52

Hi All,

I installed an new OTMS and configured all the mandatory parameters including OT and OXE profiles.

When i try to create the OT user via 8770-->User tab, i am getting below error

[11:40:17 AM] > Partial failure: Partial success: The user is created in the OT node cudotms01; But failed to create the corresponding user in the OXE node cudoxe01. Error from the OXE: error during createconfigEx is null.

anyone know this error? please help me if you know the solution to solve this.


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Re: Unable to create OT user in OTMS

Postby rolfo333 » 11 Jan 2017, 08:35

Hello Mathan,

is your SIP trunk including the External Gateways configured alright?
For Conversation Users you should have a profile on OXE which is a SIP device using the correct external gateway.

Just a guess, I did not find this error message anywhere in the Technical Knowledge Base of ALE so far.


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