Email integration with OTCS

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Email integration with OTCS

Post by rajansuruli15 » 04 Jul 2016 07:32


Sorry for posting here. exactly i don't know where i need to place this question. We have a call center with OTCS setup.

In this project , we have integration of E-mail Agent. like from outside world people can send email to a particular e-mail address which is created in the customer's exchange(mail) server. Our OTCS server will act as normal email client, to receive the emails and push to Agent console. And also Agent able to replay the emails to the Outside User
The communication protocol between our OTCS server and the customer's email server is "POP". But unfortunately POP is not allowed in customer email server. So Agent can send message , but can't receive.

I checked with Alcatel, other than "POP" no protocol will be supported for incoming for OTCS. So i am trying to find any standard free email server, which will support "POP" protocol. And also is that possible to run two mail server in a single domain.....?

Any suggestion will be much appreciated...

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