OTCS (altitude) Reporting \ Monitoring capabilities

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OTCS (altitude) Reporting \ Monitoring capabilities

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Hello All ,

I want to ask, if someone have more experience with OTCS solution and can share their experience and their filling with this solution .

At the moment we use OXE rel.11 , our call center estimates aprox. 400 agents .All is cool ,but to implement some ideas with charging and surveys we need to get real time information about which calls (ANUM) was served by our agents , in which time ..etc. which at the moment we get after every 15 minutes ,directly from database \ ticket extractor.. no so good when we speak about charging...

In order to by OTCS solution , can someone say :

if it's possible to get statistic information (delay max 1 minute) about what numbers of customers was server in time /abandoned / dissuated / agent who served that call / team ( like in Ticket Extractor Database/oracle) but much faster ??? Or what kind of delay will be using otcs

I don't want to export csv after what it will be imported in database, that is not a professional solution.

Is there a possibility after what agent do hang up of session , client will be automatically forwarded to any survey IVR?

Can uSupervisor provide RTI info like CCSupervisor(info updated every 3 seconds) ?? Or how can I get RTI info in OTCS ?

Hope I was clear , and also (sorry for my English) .

Looking for more comments.
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