MS SQL licenses for OTCS clients (uAgent)

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MS SQL licenses for OTCS clients (uAgent)

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Hi, I have a doubt.
For the uAgent web client, how many MS SQL CAL licenses are required?
According to Microsoft, only one Device CAL per node server since being webservices, all connections are originated from that device.
According to the local Alcaltel representative we need one for each connected client, what I think (and the Microsoft technician think too) is a mistake taken from the reqs of the previous installable client (the one that was running locally in each Agent position).
When then change the architecture to web, this had to be updated, and represents a significant investment, does anyone have information about it?.

Thank you very much and best regards,

Sebastian Lezica
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Alcatel Unleashed Certified Guru
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Re: MS SQL licenses for OTCS clients (uAgent)

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If you choose CAL licenses, then you must have a license for each user that accesses the database (uAgent, uSupervisor, Recorder users, Automated Agents)
Alternatively, you can opt to use Per core licenses (minimum 4 per core lics)
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