Automatic failover from LAN to SIM??

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Automatic failover from LAN to SIM??

Post by masterdaniel007 » 10 Feb 2015 00:54

Hi All,

I have configured LAN interface as well as the SIM interface on 5720. While using these interfaces individually I can ping internet. I want to achieve H.A.i.e when LAN goes down it should switch to SIM card for connectivity. For that i have given two default routes as follows:-

1) route
2) route ppp1 distance 10

but when i remove the lan interface to test this setup, it does not failover to pp1 interface(sim card interface)!!!

Please provide your help for the same.

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Re: Automatic failover from LAN to SIM??

Post by escala14 » 23 Jun 2016 02:01

Config>feature wrr-backup-wan
pair 1 primary interface ethernet0/0 secondary interface cellular1/1
stabilization-time 60s
Backup WRR>

This works if physical link connection is unplug or the end device is power-off(not port shutdown)

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