How to apply dpi.

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How to apply dpi.

Post by Mhunter1993 » 13 Sep 2016 15:48

I have a switch 6860-24 which is supose to be capable of dpi yet the commands don't seem to exist on the switch.
please help

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Re: How to apply dpi.

Post by silvio » 14 Sep 2016 02:04

with release 8.2.1 you need a 6860E (with co-processor) for this feature (app-mon).
In my knowledge you also need a Application Visibility licence in OmniVista. This license you push to your switches (AV-Lic.). In actual OV (4.1.2) you can create an eval lic to test the feature. But in next release 4.2.1 I have heard that this feature will be included in the normal node lic. So you need only lic for omnivista (first 10 devices are free) but don't need any additional lic for appmon.

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