SNMPV3 not working via loopback

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SNMPV3 not working via loopback

Post by alcashite » 18 Oct 2018 08:04


We have some 6860s that we are monitoring through Solarwinds. We have some that have been deployed that we cannot get SNMP working on. I have done some testing and found that I can successfully read SNMPV3 via one of the gateway addresses on the device but when trying to poll when using our Loopback0 interface IP address the request fails. I can't see anything in the config that would be causing this. I have compared the config to a working switch and nothing is different yet SNMP doesn't work on the loopback.

It seems to me it is a problem on the switch rather than the network between as I am able to connect using the gateway address. The loopback0 interface IP is being used to manage to switch so don't think it is a connectivity issue with that either. Any ideas?


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Re: SNMPV3 not working via loopback

Post by silvio » 20 Oct 2018 13:01

Is there any firewall between the switch and the server (maybe unsymetric routing is forbidden)

Per default the Loopback0 interface should be the source - but you can check it and config it:

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show ip service source-ip
ip service source-ip loopback0 snmp

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