Finding out device ID?

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Finding out device ID?

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Hi guys,
been trying to write a small program to start calls via the REST-API, similar to the Sample-Application that Alcatel provides at ... -services/.
I ...
  • Authenticate via

    Code: Select all

    , recieving a "Credential"
  • Open a session via

    Code: Select all

    , recieving a list of available services (including BasicTelephony)
This is where things get fuzzy: I tried the request at /telephony/basicCall/, but apparently to start a call I need a device ID. First I thought leaving it out would use the default phone (which would be perfect) but it didn't, instead I got an error:

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    "httpStatus": "BAD_REQUEST",
    "code": 1006,
    "helpMessage": "Request parameters are not correct. Please fix the problem and resend the request.",
    "type": "BAD_PARAMETER",
    "innerMessage": "deviceId null or empty",
    "canRetry": true
I tried various values for "deviceID", like the phone number, the extension number... For most attempts it actually returns a 201 response so it SHOULD be working but there is no reaction on the users' phones, no call happening.

So, how do I find out the DeviceID? There are several numbers on the back of my phone (like 15 different kinds of numbers) but some phones don't have any number at all.

Any advice is appreciated,

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Re: Finding out device ID?

Post by frank »

You have to use the real numbers from the PBX. For example for 1001 to call 1999

"deviceId": "1001",
"callee": "1999"
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