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OS6350-48 USB disaster recovery mode

Posted: 28 May 2018 21:15
by Binfile
Thanks to see my question.
I can't English well..

I tried my usb stick in make file.


I was turn off OS6350-48 and 30secends later power on.

Attempting to load from the CERTIFIED directory...
Loading kernel from '/flash/certified/KF3os.img'...
Cannot find component(alcatelNetworking_kernel.lnk) in package(/flash/certified/KF3os.img)!
Cannot find component(kernel.lnk) in package(/flash/certified/KF3os.img)!
Unable to load kernel image from file '/flash/certified/KF3os.img'.
Unable to boot from the CERTIFIED software release.
[Miniboot]->USB Disaster Recovery Activated
USB Auto-Copy Activated
Bulk Device mounted at 480 Mbps. With 1 Logical Units at node 2
sysUsbDisasterRecoveryTask: ERROR: /uflash not found
Device /uflash removed and uninstalled from FS
/uflash is Not mounted. Exiting.
When /uflash is mounted auto-copy will automatically reactivate

I Can't write command,not enter,

Help me please
How can I do?

Re: OS6350-48 USB disaster recovery mode

Posted: 04 Jun 2018 04:01
by devnull
Normally USB recovery should work similar to the "old" switches?

create a directory on your USB stick:
Place all .img files for the 6350 in there.

Put USB stick in the switch, power cycle the device. watch the console, it should copy all the needed files.
once it is booted,
do a usb disable