os6350-48 not command,stoped usb recovery

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os6350-48 not command,stoped usb recovery

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I was Error occurred during upgrade.

I made files in my 2G usb.
working/aossignature ]

and unplug. and 10 second later boots power.

then I Press 'S'key (WHY? Miniboot->Uboot)

[Miniboot]->USB Disaster Recovery Activated
USB Auto-Copy Activated
Bulk Device mounted at 480 Mbps. With 1 Logical Units at node 2
sysUsbDisasterRecoveryTask: ERROR: /uflash not found
Device /uflash removed and uninstalled from FS
/uflash is Not mounted. Exiting.
When /uflash is mounted auto-copy will automatically reactivate
0xfeecf40 (tOddJob): PEX 0 ERR. Link Failure indication

It was Cannot enter

Help me please.
How can i os6350 switch login?
How can I do ?

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