Migration from 8440 MS R5 to OTMC R2.5

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Migration from 8440 MS R5 to OTMC R2.5

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We have a running 8440 MS running on Release 5.0 . It is integrated with OXE R12.3 . There were few upgrades in the last few years, but nobody migrated/upgraded the 8440 server. Now, it has stopped working ( Not sure when, but the client has reported it recently )

Presently, our company has support contract and we have to migrate 8440 to OTMC. I have gone through the Installation Manual of OTMC R2.3 , there is a procedure to migrate 8440, but the Manual of OTMC R2.5 does not have the migration section.

Can anybody advise on this on how to proceed ?

Or share necessary TCs to go through.

Thanks in advance.
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