OTMC-V - profile management

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OTMC-V - profile management

Post by munzik » 16 Aug 2017 14:23

Hi all,

when I tried to set OTMC-V step by step by installation manual, I needed go to ´Profile tab ´ , but it´s gray and when I start configure, message : ´Administrator for Profile Management is not set.´ is displayed...

I didnt know, how to set rights for it ??? thx

edit : sorry, my fault , I didnt fill in omnivista/OTMC/configuration/connectivity : ´ user name for profile management ´

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Re: OTMC-V - profile management

Post by ltatge » 17 Aug 2017 11:54

You have to set the otProfile user name in 8770 bevor you connect to OTMC.
"User for Profile Management"
I think.

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