audicodes debug recorder

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audicodes debug recorder

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hi guys, having a issue at a site where we have multiple remote sites connected as remote users (8001 sets) via SBC. the sites are complaining of missing speech form external for 2-3 seconds during the call. the issue is random and can happen either multiple times or not at all in a call. (I love trying to find these random hard to reproduce faults :( )
As the oxe/OMS/OTSBC are all virtual its is not easy to probe the interfaces so thought I would use the audiococes debug recorder. the issue I have is that after I have the traces recorded I'm having an issue with being able to listen to bad calls in an effort to see where the RTP is being lost.
there are 3 interfaces involved on the SBC.
I can only find a old version of the acdr tool from audoicodes which is p0.99.8.560.02 and I can get it sort of working in Wireshark 1.10.8. I get an error when wireshark starts in relation to cdr.dtd but it seems to start still and when I open the trace from the SBC and apply the acdr filter and can see the SIP and RTP messages. If I go to voice calls and look for calls I can see the SIP flows but there is no RTP associated to the calls so have nothing to listen to in order to find at which point the speech goes missing.

Has anyone got a newer or better functioning version of the too that they could provide or am I useing the too incorrectly?
thanks in advance guys.
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