Dect an Rainbow Client

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Dect an Rainbow Client

Post by GEGO »

Is there a possibility to connect a rainbowclient and and a Dect User ?
For a UA set Or an IP set you have to use the tandem function , but you can not set a DECT as the main set .

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Re: Dect an Rainbow Client

Post by rkraehen »

Hi GEGO, in the Rainbow Admin menu you can associate a DECT terminal to a Rainbow user. You are correct in saying that a DECT can’t be the main set in a tandem function. Therefore, you will only have a service like PIMphony Basic. No mobility or VoIP with remote device (smartphone, tablet, ...).

Below an exctract from the UCaaS Rainbow Feature List that you can find on
...'- 8212, 8232s, 8242s, 8262 and 8262EX. Answer call function is not available with 8012 handset (8212 is not supported when behind 8318 IP-DECT single cell).
- 300, 400, 500 and 500EX. Answer call function is not available with 500 and 500EX DECT handsets.
Note: a DECT handset cannot be used as the main business phone in a tandem/multi device configuration (therefore, the Any device service or VoIP calling is not available from Rainbow client apps).
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