QoS Problems

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QoS Problems

Post by DonMartin »

We are currently running only the most basic QoS-config possible:
qos enable
qos trust ports
qos apply

Additionally the qos-Stats are enabled so i can see what actually goes on there:
qos qsi port x/1/y-z stats admin-state enable

Now i have a OS6560-48X4 currently running on 8.6.289.R01 that doesn't take that command just like that. I get:
ERROR: Must configure this QSI by configuring the Parent QSI

I didn't get that on the other Switches i configured so far - what does ist want from me? Any idea anyone?

Any input appreciated!
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Re: QoS Problems

Post by silvio »

Do you have created a linkagg at one of the port (this is parent)?
Normaly no other config is necessary for it.
Which release the other switches are running - and which type of switches?

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