OmniVista 2500 V4.3

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OmniVista 2500 V4.3

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this is my first thraed on this board, and I want to say Hello at first.

I hope, anyone of you can help me.
We use OmniVista2500 V4.2 for any years. After problems with the authentication I decide to upgrade to an newer version than 4.2 .
The first upgrade to 4.3 was succesfully and the system has worked for any days. Then I determine, that I can't show the notifications for the devices and can't discover an new device in our system too, but the topology with the maps and subnetes workes and I can show it.
Now I had restartet the OmniVista (Appliance) but no success. When I check the status of the services, than can I see, that any of them are not startet and an manually start dosn't work too.
Now my question(s): which services have to work on the sytem, why have the "ovmongodb" no record behind, what can I do to fix this problem?

Many Thanks in advance for any help of you.
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Re: OmniVista 2500 V4.3

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Hi Stephan,
hello in the forum - next time we can call too :)

For your question I have found an entry in the knowledegbase from ALE:

The watchdog can’t connect with Mongodb because the collection "ovproperties" was missing on mongodb and this was the reason for the issue.

Workaround: No workaround available.

Solution: Fix available in 4.4R02

[Note: Upgrade to 4.4R02 could be performed in the OV server, even when the services are not running properly.]

So do the next update, and than the next etc.....
Best regards
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