Mesh connected AP in OmniVista

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Mesh connected AP in OmniVista

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i want to integrate a mobile workspace, where an AP1201H acts like a switch.

My idea is:
- Connect 1201H to MESH SSID
- add AP to OmniVista
- configure Downlinkports with different VLANs

Is this scenario possible?

My problem right now is, that i can't properly set up the MESH.
sometimes the Link Status shows "UP" but seconds later it goes back to "down".

Backhaul 1:

Enable: (x) Yes No
Model: (x) Mesh Bridge
Is Root: Yes (x) No
Band: 2.4G 5G
Passphrase: ••••••••••••••

Is there anything im doing wrong ?

Thanks in Advance

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