Loopback0 problem

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Loopback0 problem

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I am having a problem configuring the Loopback0 address on the OS6465. I am using the 6465 as a replacement for the 6250 that is no longer being made. In the 6250, I would configure a mgmt address on /32, vlan 2816, and then the Loopback0 address would be given the same ip. The 6465 no longer allows this. Please see example below:


ip interface mgnt_vlan address mask vlan 2816
ip interface Loopback0 address
ip static-route mask gateway metric 1


+++ address for Loopback0 ( conflicts with address for mgnt_vlan (
ERROR: Ip Address must not conflict with interface mgnt_vlan

My apologies, I am brand new to this site, and as you can see, new to networking.

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Re: Loopback0 problem

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In your case loopback0 is not necessary to configure. You need only the both other lines.

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