Change power supply

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Change power supply

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I have changed a power supply from PS-I75AC to PS-I185AC-P on a 6465 switch.
I have to provision the switch with the correct wattage but I can't:

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>powersupply 1 name Power1 type ALE hi-ac
WARNING: Power supply 1 is already configured, Remove existing configuration to add new Powersupply
I have some lanpower configuration. Should I stop lanpower service and then I will be able to change powersupply type?

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lanpower slot 1/1 service stop
os6465-hdw-rev-e.pdf hardware configuration guide does not help in that case.

thanks for your help
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Re: Change power supply

Post by Tommy124 »

You need to remove the provisioned power supply first with the no powersupply 1 name Power1 type ALE low-ac (just remove the old one), when you've done this you can provision the new power supply
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