OXE 9.0 (with SIP) + GVP 7.6 + omni genesys

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OXE 9.0 (with SIP) + GVP 7.6 + omni genesys

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I setting the OXE 9.0 and sIP trunk setting

also IVR is GVP 7.6 (IP IVR) with sIP trunk

and I testing interlock OXE + GVP

I prepared the manual and reference the manual
(GVP SIP 7.6 connected to ALCATEL OmniPCX4400 with manual components

i reading the manual. i have one question.

page 13 is write.

5.1) Configure OmniPcx Enterpise SIP ports
Hardware requirements
CPU7 or Appliance Server is mandatory for this integration.
1SIP access uses 1 compressor, which is available on INT-IP daughter board, or Media Gateway
daughter board.
INT-IP daughter board
2 possible daughter boards per INT_IP
- GIP-6 card has 30 compressors
- GIP-6-A card has 8 compressors
- GIP 4-4 card has 30 compressors
Some compressors are reserved by the system.

i checked the my site INT IP board
i have two INT IP board . one is daughter is 2 GVP 4-1 and another is nothing.

can you explain the manual expression ? i don't know the mean

i can't the interlock GVP . or can complex.?

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