Microsoft Access database integration

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Microsoft Access database integration

Post by Simplifi »

i'm new on this forum, so, if my post is not in the good topic, move it without probleme

I'm database designer and i would manage the offers made with Actis and add more equipements out of Actis.
I'm searching to have the list of the articles in the offer. I have tested the 'outils' and generated csv file, but it need manaual intervention
so, can i access directely the database of the configuration to pick up designation, quantity and reference?

thanks for reading and bigs thanks if you have the response

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Re: Microsoft Access database integration

Post by vad »

Export from Actis Quotation - not convenient for you?

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Microsoft Access database integration

Post by Glycleceiff »

I am not a programmer in any sense of the word but need help with modifying a Microsoft Access Database. The database that i have is one of the templates that come with Access and i want to edit some of the fields. I want to remove a few things and add a few things. Does anyone have experience with Access? If so, help.

Thank you

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