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Can not reserve slot in Main ACT

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Can not reserve slot in Main ACT

Post by Tenna » 09 Jul 2015 06:33

Hi guys

I am now getting this error" Can not reserve slot in Main ACT " after I have added the following on the ACTIS.

Changed the release from R10.1 to R11.1
Private Network
Number of Node in network : 20
VoIP H323 network links for ABC network : 4
Number of SIP Channels for Private Network : 4

Please if some one can help me.

Alcatel Unleashed Certified Guru
Alcatel Unleashed Certified Guru
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Re: Can not reserve slot in Main ACT

Post by vad » 09 Jul 2015 23:48

Central area/ Cabinets - you have item "free slots in main ACT" - f.e. 2 (How many free board position you want to keep).
If you have "free slots in main ACT"=2, if in your PBX - just 2 free position really, if Actis want to add some boards (f.e. INT-IP I think in you case) - you will have this error.
You can:
1) Change - Central area/ Cabinets - item "free slots in main ACT" (1, 0)
2) or remove some unused boards (Patch before add-on)

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