pre R7 and Actis21

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pre R7 and Actis21

Post by micheled » 15 Jan 2017 23:01

Hi Guys, i am wondering if anyone is considering complaining to Alcatel-Lucent and would be interested in petitioning Alcatel-Lucent with regards the forced obsolescence of any Pre R7 system and the extra cost associated with any pre R10 upgrade to OXO Connect, we are finding as a Alcatel-Lucent dealer that our customers are seriously fed up and asking for other alternative product to meet their present and future needs. added to this we have our own rental base of approx 150 systems of which many were upgraded to R7 at the start of their 5 year contract and are now looking at land fill for these systems as they come out of contract as we cannot justify the cost of migrating to OXO connect when other products such as NEC, Grandstream and even Avaya are so price competitive.

I know that the new ALcatel-Lucent Chinese owners have to keep their factory running but this forced obsolescence policy especially with the very short window over December that they gave dealers to push existing PBX clients to upgrade to R10 will rebound and i believe seriously hurt the brand which history shows happened to the old Lucent technologies when they tried to force their customers to upgrade... that gave rise to Cisco

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