OT 6036y

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OT 6036y

Post by tevce » 24 Feb 2015 08:41

my OT 6036y lost his displey
i was chargeing on my laptop with activ hotspot around 4 hours and i try to unlock screen after unlocking he went dark i reset pfone smae try to wipe out all factory reset mod no help after turnon phone u see alcater onetouch idol 2 mini S and than dark i see the mods to by presing POWER + Volume Up buttons
its not he fist time im changing my phone on laptop and was only 6 month old ( i send on repair but i drop the phone whan i buy it and has mark on right botoom and thay return at me as mechanical damage and dint tell me what its the prob with pfone only price (100 euro) i need to pay if i want tham to repair it
so if any 1 know anything about this or how to fix my phone pls tell me

Tnx in Advance

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Re: OT 6036y

Post by cavagnaro » 24 Feb 2015 09:10

Sorry but this is not an alcatel cellphones forum at all
Try with http://www.gsmarena.com
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