Alcatel-Lucent 8038 digital UA Link

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Alcatel-Lucent 8038 digital UA Link

Post by Askjerry » 08 Aug 2016 14:18

I have a project with a 911 service center. The Centracom Consoles have a connection for "PHONE" that basically breaks down to the following...
  • AUDIO +
    AUDIO -
    MIC +
    MIC -
    OFF Hook
The issue that I have is that the 8038 phone, as I understand it... does not have a simple ON / OFF indicator for the OFF-HOOK condition.
I presume that the Digital UA Link on pins 3 and 4 of the RJ12 connector is a serial signal used to send this (and likely other data) out of the phone.

Is there a device I can purchase that simply decodes this and gives me an OFF-HOOK condition?


Does someone have a method to decode this signal?
  • A circuit?
    Arduino code?
    A device?
    Protocol Datasheet?
    Anyone ? Anyone?
Flying to customer today... any help appreciated!!!!


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