OA 4308 - Authentication Issues - Release (DHCP?)

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OA 4308 - Authentication Issues - Release (DHCP?)

Post by arpimentel » 18 Jun 2008 13:04


I'm not sure if you are experienced with Data networks (usually I only see Voice in this forum), but here it goes... :)

I'm in a client that has an Alcatel Wireless Solution - OA 4308 Release This client has authentication by captive portal (all users have/should authenticate by this method)

They state that there are three issues that happen frequently:

1 - The user gets the captive portal. Inserts the username and password (correctly). And then the internet access is blocked. It's like it is not authenticated.
2 - A user that was never in this network, arrives and gets authentication and access to the internet without apearing or authenticating in the captive portal.
3 - Sometimes users get an IP but can't ping the default gateway and can get access to the captive portal. I've found that there are two main reasons for this: i) the DHCP server is giving an IP that is already given to another user (sometimes a ghost user that is disconected but still in the system), then detects IP Spoofing ii) the server is trying to authenticate a wireless user by MAC, failing...

Thank you.


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Re: OA 4308 - Authentication Issues - Release (DHCP?)

Post by bigmaneric97 » 06 Aug 2008 15:55

Check your firewall settings for denied times and traffic that is allowable. Also, check out the logs and see what if any errors are coming through. All of the issues I had with authenticating had to do with my firewall settings.



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