OAW-AP-120 & 121 APs

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OAW-AP-120 & 121 APs

Post by GuvnorIBrokeMyPCX » 27 Mar 2009 13:10

Has anyone had any experience/ exposure to OAW-AP-120 and 121 APs. I need to know what radio compliency they out of box with no software upgrades. I hope they are either BG/ or A or N supported.
I want to buy N Compliant although wont need straight away, BG is required out of box. I know I could go for AP120ABG or AP121ABG options with the option of N Upgrade via software license later but would rather not have too mess with licensing at a later date.

I hope this makes sense, my gut instinct is that the AP120 or AP121s will do what I want but wanted to confirm first. I will probably go with the OAW-AP120s so I can use detachable antennas for greater flexibility for coverage as we are using in a large arena environment.

Many Thanks in Advnace
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Re: OAW-AP-120 & 121 APs

Post by Shotz » 24 Apr 2009 05:28

This depends on the country code that is configured in the controller when it is first installed. Which country code did you initially configure when you took it out of the box?

These will be the frequencies that are given to the AP.

If you have already configured everything and you have the AP's configured and provisioned, try this commands:

# show country trail
should show you the country that is installed

# show ap allowed-channels ?

this will show you the allowed channels for either a specific AP, Country Code, or ip address

Hope this helps.


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