6850 P-48 ERP

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6850 P-48 ERP

Post by thekotaksampah » 05 Sep 2018 02:55

Hi Expert,

I try to configure erp on 6850-P8 chassis. I have detail information about the box as following:

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OMNI6850-TEST1# show chassis

Chassis 1
  Model Name:                    OS6850-P48,
  Description:                   48 G POE,
  Part Number:                   902542-90,
  Hardware Revision:             02,
  Serial Number:                 H4686676,
  Manufacture Date:              NOV 22 2007,
  Admin Status:                  POWER ON,
  Operational Status:            UP,
  Number Of Resets:              52
  MAC Address:                   00:e0:b1:85:1c:1c,

and The software version as following:

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OMNI6850-TEST1# show microcode
   Package           Release       Size     Description
Kbase.img   14723317 Alcatel Base Software
Kadvrout.img    2683964 Alcatel Advanced Routing
K2os.img    1733979 Alcatel OS
Keni.img    4902136 Alcatel NI software
Ksecu.img     475259 Alcatel Security Management
K2diag.img    1599866 Alcatel Diagnostic Software

But, I try to configure the erp. Seems like the configuration is not available. May I have recommendation AOS to enable ERP for OS 6850?

Thank you very much

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Alcatel Unleashed Certified Guru
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Re: 6850 P-48 ERP

Post by devnull » 05 Sep 2018 03:32

I would always try to update to the latest release. ERP is afaik not available in 6.3.1 - i found it in 6.3.4 manual.
Last version for that EOS Devies is 6.4.4 - i'd go for that.

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