Public SIP to Genesys SIP server via OXE

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Public SIP to Genesys SIP server via OXE

Post by huntsman »


Having an issue at present with a OXE connected to a public sip provider and a genesys sip server.

The solution implemented on site is OXE appliance server connected to a public SIP provider via an ext gateway. Connection to the public carrier is OK.

The OXE is then connected to a geneysis sip server via another ext gateway using a abc-f trunk group. Nothing special there either.

Problem:- Geneysis sip server pushing calls to us with '0' in front of number, ARS prefix '0' setup to deal with outgoing call. When call to sent to us, SIP traces are showing a 503 'Service Unavailable' message, and OXE gives a B Channel choice error, stating there is no B channel available.

Note, the only Alcatel components are the appliance servers. There is no GD/INTIP/GA.

I am thinking there is a codec problem, but we had the genesys engineers make sure only G711 is coming to us, and we have told the ext gateways to use the algorithm stated in the trunk group, being G711.

Do I still need the compressors if the calls from the sip server is in G711? I don't know whether the compressors would still be used if all codecs match.

Any info would be great,

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Re: Public SIP to Genesys SIP server via OXE

Post by Petr Halberstat »

The ask about Outbound call from SIP server Genesys via OXE pbx PSTN.
If this call initate SIP server Genesys to OXE pbx, after OXE offered in STATUS OK SIP message SDP without rtpmap:97 telephone-event /8000, only rtpmap G723,G729,G711.
If the the call initate OXE to SIP Server Genesys, after in INVITE message OXE generate SDP also with rtpmap: 97 telephone-event /8000.
Pleas, do you may send to me somewhere explain of this differents behaviour ?

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Re: Public SIP to Genesys SIP server via OXE

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Hi huntsman,

you are managed the External Callback Translation??..DEF...

may the force be with you....

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Re: Public SIP to Genesys SIP server via OXE

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The sip trunk has a public network category that allows all calls?

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Public SIP to Genesys SIP server via OXE

Post by Barrykeery »

So, if you are not routing calls within the SIP Server via the route it comes in and all you want to do is see the Caller ID of the incoming call then I believe that Sarond is on the right track.

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