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by tom448
30 Mar 2018 21:03
Forum: OmniSwitch 6855
Topic: Two VLAN one trunk
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Two VLAN one trunk

Hello, I want to configure a Alcatel Lucent switch with two VLAN and one trunk port to a pfSense firewall. I did basically this (see below), did I miss anything? It is not really working. I try to locate the issue... vlan 1 disable name „Vlan1“ vlan 10 ip interface „vlan-10“ address mask ...
by tom448
30 Mar 2018 06:05
Forum: OmniSwitch 6850 / 6850E
Topic: Trunk vs routing
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Trunk vs routing


I have a question regarding VLANs.

I have two VLANs on a switch and a firewall. I have one port from the switch to the firewall.
I heard if I use a trunk port between the firewall and the switch it would be outdated and not secure. Do I need to sue static routing to the firewall?


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