Change Service Provider Omnivista PCX 4400

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Change Service Provider Omnivista PCX 4400

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we want to change the service provider of our telephone system Omnivista PCX 4400.
The old service provider managed the support remotely.

For the transfer we have retrieved the current configuration and all passwords from the old service provider.
We got the following accesses root , ppp httpd ftp, mtcl swinst nobody and adfexc. All passwords work except for the root access.
My question now is if the old service provider needs the root password for the administration of the system and just doesn't want to give it to us now.
After a hardware failure, the hard drive was replaced in 2018. Is not at least at this time the root access by the service provider was necessary?

Furthermore I have an undocumented telnet access which reports with console message "A6535". Which service is hidden here?

I would be very grateful for any helpful hints

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Re: Change Service Provider Omnivista PCX 4400

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You should be able to change the root PW using the swinst account option2 (expert menu) option 6 (system management) option 6 (user's accounts management) option 1 (change account password)

As for the telnet access are you sure this is A6535 as it looks a lot like reference to a voicemail of either A4635 or 4645 which are the older & newer voicemail engines on the system.
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