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Ports - VOIP

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1. The calculation of the Port Sig according to Alcatel-Lucent information is not clear, the MAC address are hexadecimal values ​​and does not indicate how to do the calculation. We request tell us how is this specific calculation. SP (Sig_Port) = BASE_PORT + 4 * MAC sub-address.

2. The Dyn_NOE / udp according to the same documentation is the UDP port 1024 to 65535, the customer asks if all that is necessary to open port range given that the test is with four phones and if possible set or as can restrict or limit the ports that are on the upper range of 65530 to 65535 example
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Re: Ports - VOIP

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1. MAC sub address is an index from 0 to 3 used only in case of 4059 f.or all other device replace this field by 0.

2. You can just open UDP ports 67, 68, 69, 32512 - 32768
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