Trying to upgrade my firmware on the 6850

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Trying to upgrade my firmware on the 6850

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Hello All,
I am trying to upload a firmware version on my switch. I do not have any manuals but a few I find on the internet. Does anyone have any procedures to help me upload the firmware version I need? I tried following directions on a YouTube video even. The problem is that when I first log in, it only has the files on the flash drive and no way to upload from a USB or through console. WebView isn't working and I am trying to use FileZilla to upload the img and other files but no joy. When using FileZilla, it won't connect to or the using the User: admin and PW: switch.
When I even try to change the IP to see if I can change the IP, using the "IP interface data address 192.X.X.X ...." , it errors out at interface. Am I getting the commands wrong or is their a place I can I get a clue? Any help is appreciated.

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