Lola Error on CPU-4 and CPU-3m

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Lola Error on CPU-4 and CPU-3m

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Hello everybody,
I will soon convert several old R6.1 to OXO Connect R4. I wanted to do the migration with Lola accordingly. I know that you need versions 21.x and 26.x. However, I get two errors back from Lola when migrating:

TFTP runs during the migration and afterwards the file /insram/backup_lola.xml is not found. She is definitely present.

Boot/config.rc is not found during an update of CPU-3 or CPU-4

It is a virtual machine with Win XP. There I can easily migrate with PowerCPU and updates PowerCPUs with both Lola versions.

I customized directory releases today, networking settings ... and and

Gave up after 8h.

Does anyone have an idea?

Kind regards and thank you very much


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