Reset 4068 to factory default

Did you say hacking ?
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Reset 4068 to factory default

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I have looked over this post: ... 31&t=12866

I have gone through the steps
jasic wrote: 08 Apr 2010 04:31 Please try this procedure to reset the IP Phone Password and Connect it to some Other TFTP IP address(Another OXE) to register.

In industrial mode, the set will only work in a specific sub network, and
default IP address
- IpTouch IP address:
- tftp address:
You don't have to configure anything on the set, the address above are the
default "industrial" addresses

1)So, on your side you have at first to configure your PC with address ""
2)Then start your IpTouch in industrial mode:
- IP Touch starts in industrial mode thanks to key (i 1 2 3)
+ Disconnect power of the set
+ push key i
+ reconnect power (hold always key "i" pressed)
+ push at the same time "1" "2" "3" (and "i" of course)
+ when the leds go on, you can release the key
+ now, the set is in "industrial mode"
3)Use a crossed cable to connect your Set to the PC, or a HUB
4)Now you make a telnet on the set
5) Erase Thales Security
thalsec reset
6) Restart the set

The above procedure should work if it does not use following method.

First we need to telnet to ip touch phone. To do this use ippstat command and select option 15 and enter the directory number of ipphone and give timout time. Then you will see the following prompt.
NoePhone > config -h
config -h

ontinuation of previous activity.

set <ipaddr> <subnet> <router>
{tftp|tftp0|tftp1|tftp_backup} port <port>
{tftp|tftp0|tftp1|tftp_backup} addr <addr>
{tftp|tftp0|tftp1|tftp_backup} <addr> <port>
dhcp {s|d|a} static/dynamic/alcatel_only
boot {f|s|n} full/standalone/no_binary
init_mode {c|d|0|1|n|a} code/data/custo/l10n/never/always
local_tftp_port {ls|<port>}
save <n> | restore <n> | r<n> (n in 1..4)
L10N|cust filename

For example:

config dhcp d to enable the DHCP mode or

config dhcp s and
config set and
config tftp addr to set static IP parameters

And then reboot the phone.

Now it should connect to the OXE and get the new password.
The other note is that thalsec reset is not a recognised command on the phone

The problem is that it gets past the network setup stage now but it fails at downloading config and then force reboots the device. It never shows up on the OXE. If anyone could give me anything on how to fix this.

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Re: Reset 4068 to factory default

Post by vad »

Not clear - you have problem with security (password etc.) or with phone setup?
Do you have experience with IP Touch installation or this is first set and problem can be anyware (licences, lanpbxbuild, DHCP management etc.)
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Re: Reset 4068 to factory default

Post by nick22985 »

The security password when u hit i + * their is a password on the phones themselves we already have a phone system setup and working. We have just brought some new IP phones and they have this password on them so we can not configure them on the OXE.
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